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NEWS 12 June 2016

Cottingham Springboard Festival 2016

For FRCA, the music festival season, as always, kicked off in Cottingham with the Springboard Festival.

Joining us this year, young artists who are making an impact around the region - Yasmin Coe, The Waives, Organized K-Hos and Fiona Lee, joined the names who have been associated with FRCA for a number of years to make a brilliant and inspiring afternoon.


United 2, Imogen Hart, The Freedom Road Collective, Unwired Society and Rob, Eric and Ollie, again produced confident and polished performances showing just how the time with the FRCA sessions helps nurture the talent they all have.


Thanks go to all the wonderful FRCA staff and volunteers, and to Jayney at Off The Road for making this happen again. Good stuff!!!

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