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NEWS 26 October 2018

Summer concludes with the
Summer School and the Freedom Fringe Festival

Summer School 2018.

This year’s Summer School was based around a “Stars in Their Eyes” theme and took place at Marist Church Hall and Kardomah 94.

The idea was, for the YP taking part, to work together in re-producing songs by artists of their choice. This included rehearsing the songs; some as solo artists and some in groups, and to find costumes which would enhance their image and performance.

The project also had a Music Tech team who were responsible for facilitating the sound and lighting at the event.

With Rachel becoming Adele; Ty, Leila and Mary becoming Arianna Grande, Jesse J and Nicki Minaj; Courtney, Toyah, Evie, Emily and Lucy becoming the Spice Girls; Dan becoming Beyonce; Izzy becoming Panic at the Disco; Pippa becoming Anne Marie; Tilly becoming Ariana Grande; Olivia becoming Ke$ha; Dylan becoming; Charlie Puth; Matt becoming George Ezra, Ethan becoming Twenty-One Pilots, Kaomi, Shelley and Jacob becoming a mash up of Britney Spears and with the Tech Team doing a smashing job, this year’s Summer School created some lasting memories for all involved.


Freedom Fringe Festival

It was then over to Jaz Bar on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd for the Freedom Fringe Festival. With the Freedom Festival continuing to exclude a Youth Music Stage, we teamed up again with Jaz Bar who have become a keen supporter of FRCA.

The Saturday was full of solo/duo acts including Harvey Green, Tyler Rokahr, Gracie Southcoate, Evie Barrand and the Freedom Road Collective, whilst the Sunday was the turn of the bands;

On Sunday, the venue was packed out, and with All Gone South, The Filthy Obsession, Parvis Magna, The Young Influencials, Unwired Society, Lost in South and Walking Primrose providing the music, they were given a brilliant afternoon, and gave us, a fitting end to a fantastic summer period.



Thank you all!

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