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11 February 2009

Lion King a Roaring Success

lion king

Freedom Road Creative Arts staged their version of the Lion King at NAPA's Studio 2 theatre to over 100 people on Saturday 31st January. With fantastic performances by all the cast who had worked tirelessly on producing this colourful spectacular it was a show that has been long in the making but one that will be remembered for a long time.

lion king

Caine Wild as Simba and Becky Turton as Scar provided the show with a real tension and a debut lead role for Sammy Christian as Nala gave the show a real lift everytime Sammy entered the stage. Kyra Draper and Lewis Steeley as Timon and Pumba made the audience laugh especially when doing the Hula Dance, and the 3 Hyenas, Rose Elliott, Sabrina Rapp and Hanah Stevens were excellent supporting cast.

lion kinglion kinglion kinglion kinglion kinglion kinglion kinglion king

With over 30 young people it would be hard to mention everyone but the energy the dancers provided was brilliant. Well done to you all!!

The interval gave us with the opportunity to showcase some of the work our younger group are producing and in Emily, Mitchell, Liam, Mollie, Karl and Keira we have had some great fun in producing Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

Thanks must go to all those who helped in making this possible in particular Margaret Thompson for the costumes and Lisa's mum for doing the make up and hair!!!

lion kinglion kinglion kinglion king