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31 March 2009


Freedom Road Creative Arts Drama has teamed up with Wyke College to offer the Edexcel Drama GCSE. Starting on a Tuesday evening, they will now be able to take on 6 students each year for the qualification. With school timetables so tight and options limiting young people in schools it is now alot harder for people to do the qualifications they would like to. Iain Thompson, Creative Coordinator of FRCA, thinks this is a great opportunity:

"Young People only have two options at school and this extra one outside of that enables them to gain a good qualification whilst still enjoying the classes we already offer. Wyke College has an excellent reputation within the city as a quality teaching establishment, especially within the Performing Arts faculty. Their guidance and support will be invaluable to the charity."

The new classes will begin straight after easter with the young people taking their exams June 2010 and places have already filled up. Ian Bolton, Manager at FRCA, believes this will raise the profile of the charity:

"Teaming up with Wyke will really lift our profile because it provides hard outcomes that are measurable and there for all to see. As well as all the work we do raising aspirations and confidence within the young people that come to the workshops we offer, this will go that step further and actually produce a qualification for them to take with them into further education. It broadens their options and their outlook on what is available for them when they leave school."