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8 August 2010

July concludes with a trip to London

A very busy July for FRCA came to a fitting end when we took a trip to London to take part in Youth Music's Voltage Celebration Event, which was held at the Hoxton Hall Youth Music Centre on July 28th.

The event was to celebrate the 2nd year of the Voltage Project which is being run around the country with lots of different youth groups. At the event, which was expertly compered by our own Matty Feldt, were performances by groups from Gateshead, the Wirral, Shropshire, Lincolnshire, Oxford, Cornwall and of course Hull. The celebration event was opened by Youth Music's CEO Christina Coker and the young people also took part in workshops run by guest artist Dreadlock Alien.

Freedom Road performed the title track of their new 4 track CD "Catch Me", and the film that was made about the Song Swap Project which we ran in Hull and Scunthorpe was also shown.

All the goups had to do a small presention about their involvement with Voltage and to conclude the event a song written by the Gateshead group called "Voltage" was performed and it enabled anyone to do a bit of Freestyle Rapping. Freedom Roads' Sophie was an absolute star!!

A tiring day out but a good one.