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21 August 2010

Freedom Road come of age!

On August19th at the Village Hotel, supporting the X Factor's Jamie "Afro" Archer, Freedom Road showed the massive progression they have made over the past 6 months with a brilliant, polished and professional set which included all 4 songs which feature on the new CD "Catch Me". Invited to perform, not because they are a local charity band that people like to invite because "it's the charitable thing to do"; but because they are a very very good band, who work hard, have developed some great harmomies and some cracking new tunes, most notably "Perfect Relationship" and the wonderful solo "What You Gonna Do?" by Jess Hunter, Freedom Road didn't look out of place alongside some established acts.

In fact it could have been argued that the talent of the Band shone through as their set was full of tuneful, catchy and original material, which left the crowd scrambling to buy the new CD's.

And as for the rest of the night. Jamie Archer was as expected a great act, his set littered with the songs which he performed on the X Factor, such "Sex on Fire" and "Valerie", and to top it all off Freedom Road had their photos taken with him as some way of remembering the night. I just wonder how long it will be before Jamie is support act to them!!!!