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12 September 2010

Freedom Road among the local talent to rock Freedom Festival 2010

This years Freedom Festival was the stage for some brilliant local bands to show their talent on the Big Stage in Queens Gardens. Creative Voice provided the Festival with an hours worth of up and coming bands such as the The Rumour, The Hubbards and of course our very own Freedom Road.

The step up onto the big stage for Freedom Road proved a very natural progression as they performed 3 tracks from the new CD to a crowd of around 1,000 people with an assured and confident set.

Mac from the Sesh, who compared the event, commented that FRCA should be proud of Jess, Sammie, Sophie and Kita who are proving to be a pretty good band. Another comment the band recieved was from a leading Youth Worker in Hull who said that, "Freedom Road are an inspiration to girls in the City". She went on to say, "Many local bands, although very good, are male orientated and to see a group of local young women performing to such a high standard and on such a big stage can only be a good thing for the City's young people".

Creative Voice then moved over to FRUIT were the very talented Molly Brown and Tom were amongst more young acts from Ainthorpe Youth Centre that kept the crowd entertained.

Now all we want for next year is 2 Hours on the Big Stage and a full night at FRUIT!!!!