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4 November 2010

"Live and Unpeeled" up and running

This years Music 4 U event was run as an Acoustic and Open Mic session at FRUIT on Monday 1st November to coincide with Music 4 U week. The young people who helped organise the event had the idea of extending the acoustic feel created at some of the summer music events in Hull, into an Under 18s night which we hoped would attract young talent to come forward on the night and perform at the very first "Live and Unpeeled".

Despite a small turnout the performances from Sammie, Rose, Jess and Molly were just fantastic. The singing talent of these 4 young people helped us forget about the low numbers, and instead marvel at how amazing they all sounded. And to top the night off they came together to perform Rilo Kylie's "Arms Outstretched".

As for the future of "Live and Unpeeled"; we aim to run another in December and in January with the hope that the idea of creating a performance space open for young people to get up and perform will take off. And if not then we can always rely on those talented girls mentioned above to keep on keeping on!!!