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FRCA stage review shows of Bugsy Malone and James and the Giant Peach

On Friday 18th and Saturday 19th March FRCA staged review shows of Bugsy Malone and James and the Giant Peach at NAPA's studio 2 Theatre. Having worked on producing these shows for the past several months it was fantastic to see all the hardwork come to a fitting finale with outstanding performances from all the young people involved.

Bugsy Malone

The Thursday group had spent many hours rehearsing for the Bugsy Malone show, and under the guidance of Iain and Lisa, and with support of our fab volunteers, Hannah, Kelly, Cindy and Cat, the audience were not disappointed as Ben's portrayel of Bugsy Malone, Dell as Blousey, Jack's superb performance as Fat Sam alongside his side kick Knuckles played by Emily, Courtney as Dandy Dan who led her gang so well and the very funny Captain Smolsky and O'Dreary, played by Garry and Mark were just a few of the highlights.

Staged over the two evenings; to all the young people involved in making the Bugsy Malone production such a huge success; Ben, Dell, Sammie, Mark, Garry, Chrystal, Shobal, Sophie, Jack, Emily, Dionne, Celine, Shannon, Bobby, Courtney, Toni, Becka . . . .Well Done!

James and the Giant Peach

The Monday group also performed over the weekend as they staged their version of James and the Giant Peach on the Saturday evening. Again having worked very hard over the last fews months, the performances by Mitchell as James, Britney as Spiker and Liam as Sponge, and the insects; Molly as the Spider, Emily as the Centipede, James as the Grasshopper, Liam as the Glow worm, Lisa as the Worm and Hannah as the Lady Bug, made the show a real gem.

Having spent many hours rehearsing on a Monday evening it was great to see the biggest show the group have put on, perfromed to such a high standard ... Well done Guys!

Special thanks must go to everyone involved in helping make the weekend such a success. Without your support and without the fantastic young people it wouldn't be possible!

Photos by Kevin Greene Photography