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NEWS 23 February 2012

FRCA stage a fantastic production of Grease 2

On Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of February, Freedom Road Creative Arts staged a fantastic production of Grease 2 at NAPA's Studio 2 Theatre. Having spent the last 7 months putting the show together the audience were treated to a performance which proved to be the best we had ever staged.

With a cast of around 20 young people, strong lead performances from Bobby Hunter as Johnny Nogerelli, Ruth Sunderland as Stephanie Zinone, Jonny Calvert as Michael Carrington and Sammie Watson as Paulette Rebchuck ensured that we had a strong foundation from which to build a cracking show.

Completing the Pink Ladies line up were Elle Hibberd as Sharon, Zaynah Barker as Rhonda, Emily Halsey as Dolores and Leoni Barton; and completing the T Birds line up were Jack Thompson as Goose, Luke Danahar as DiMucci and Shobal Bashir as Davey, and their performances further enhanced the overall standard of the show, ensuring that it ran smoothly and had a real professional edge.

The show contained lots of strong scenes and well rehearsed dance routines, and with Mellissa Hooper as Frenchy, Evie Mae Hancock as Blanche, Dione Phillips as Principal McGee, Celine Ivory as Eugene, Emmy and Olivia Craft as Sobriety Girls, and Garry, Toni and Laura in supporting roles the audiences gave standing ovations to what was a brilliant weekend.

Special thanks must go to Iain and Lisa for making it all possible; to all those who have helped out over the past few months, but most of all to the wonderful young people we work with.

Well done!!

photos by Kevin Greene Photography