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NEWS 4 November 2012

Youth Music and Creative Voice

In August FRCA recieved the brilliant news that we had been successful in securing a Youth Music grant which will run over the next 2 years and which will enable the charity to develop the music making side of our provison. The grant will also enable us to employ 2 Youth Music Workers and 2 Youth Workers to ensure the new sessions are of real quality and possess a positive learning experience.

A new Tuesday evening session, held at Kingston Youth Centre and in partnership with Hull Youth Service will provide opportunities for established members to work on solo or group projects and to record in Kingston's studio; a new Saturday morning session, held at the Warren, will provide singing and performance workshops for new young people to FRCA, and another new Saturday morning workshop will be centred around learning to play instruments. The existing Gleeks sessions will also continue on a Saturday.

The first month has proved a huge success with on average 35 young people attending the sessions throughout the week, and we are fast running out of guitars as young people are keen to take the instruments home to practise on. A measure of the success the project is having. If you want to get involved please contact us.

Creative Voice

On Saturday 3rd members of the Freedom Road Collective, following their Saturday morning Youth Music session, gathered at Hull Truck to take part in the Creative Voice event. This was the first time the Collective had performed live since the summer festival period, and it was good to get back on the stage and in front of an audience.

Sammie, playing her new guitar, sang a Green Day number; Emily,Emmi and Olivia, supported by Jonny on guitar, showed why the Youth Music grant is so important as their progression to solo and small group projects is just fantastic; Danielle and Shauna, now learning to play the guitar on a Saturday morning which will help them progress further, performed to the standard that is now expected of them both, and Liv n Jess, The Gleeks and Stella along with all the days other performers, from across the City, demonstrated the huge amount of talent that exists in this City.

The event was not only about music, as drama workshops and performance also took place throughout the day and congratulations must go to Ruth, Lyn and Donna for organising a cracking event!