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5 July 2010

Young People put on a show worth remembering for CREATE's Jacqui Reed

On Sunday 4th July, the young people of FRCA came together at the Warren to give Jacqui of CREATE a taste of their talents. Starting the proceedings was Rose who performed her version of Lenka's "The Show". This was followed by Sammie Watson singing "Beautiful", before Rose and Sammie were joined by Sammy Christian in performing the song they have written for the Voltage Project called "Summer Love".

Next on the bill were Jess and Sammie of Freedom Road, joined by Lisa, singing "Ego", after which Jess, accompanied by talented musicians the Ia(i)n's, performed Daughtry's "No Suprise". The Saturday Gleeks were next in singing "Imagine", before the singing was brought to a conclusion when ex Freedom Roaders Becky and Caine, joined Jess and Sammie in singing the classic "Are you Ready", much to the approval of Jacqui.

Finishing off the night were the Wednesday drama group who performed a piece from James and the Giant Peach which they are working on at present.

Great night and one that will provide Jacqui with lots of positive memories of the young people of Hull and FRCA.

Thanks Guys!!