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10 July 2010

FRCA see the Voltage Exchange Project come to fruition

On Monday 5th July, FRCA in partnership with Music 4 U and the Voltage Volunteers, held their 2nd young people's music event entitled "Voltage Exchange", at which bands from across the region showcased their talents at the Lamp in Hull.

The original project was based around 3 groups of young people, one each from FRCA, Ainthorpe YC and The Base in Scunthorpe writing lyrics which were then exchanged between the groups and subsequent songs written for those lyrics. Also on the bill were local up and coming DJ's who had been working with Alistair Wilson.

First up was DJ Dom who was making his debut as a live performer and this was followed by Rose Elliott's fantastic rendition of Lenka's "The Show". Ainthorpe YC were next as, Molly, Beth and Tom performed their Voltage Exchange song along with other more well known songs. DJ Beth then took to the stage closely followed by the Saturday Gleeks who performed their version of the classic "Imagine". Solos from Sammy Christian singing Demi Lavato's "Catch Me", and Sammie Watson singing Christina Aguilara's "Beautiful" brought the first half to a close.

DJ Jumpin Jack had the audience rocking with his 10 minute set as he continues to develop his obvious talent and he was followed by Scunthorpe's Base Project who were outstanding. They again performed their Voltage Exchange song and belted out other well known songs such as "Sweet Home Alabama". Jess Hunter was next up in singing Daughtry's "No Suprise", before Freedom Road performed their version of "Ego". The main man, "DJ Kano", then took over on the decks, much to the delight of the audience as he performed a flawless set which would grace any club around. To round the evening off Sammy, Sammie anmd Rose sang the song they had writted as part of the Voltage Exchange Project called "Summer Sun".

With time left the Lamp was then treated to a performance from young Louis who at 9 years old showed how the guitar should be played by doing a Mettallica number, before the Base from Scunthorpe brought the night to a close.

Thanks must go to the Voltage Volunteers, Garry, Jess, Mark and Chiq who helped make this a huge success. A short film is now being put together which will document the project from start to finish and this will be available via the FRCA website.